Putting a Stop to the Vicious Circle

The top result for vicious circle when searching on Google is the following definition, “a sequence of reciprocal cause and effect in which two or more elements intensify and aggravate each other, leading inexorably to a worsening of the situation.” So many issues involving hate, prejudice, and stereotypes seem to be part of one orContinue reading “Putting a Stop to the Vicious Circle”

When Labels are Limiting

Sometimes being able to name something is liberating. Coming out to family and friends as gay or transgender can be terrifying, but it is often the moment when someone finally is able to relax. Knowing that one’s struggles in school are related to a diagnosis such as dyslexia or attention deficit disorder doesn’t make thoseContinue reading “When Labels are Limiting”

Repairing the World

I recently had the pleasure of attending a performance of The Ugly Duckling by Lightwire Theater on a school field trip. This very original production using music, puppets, and lighting, did an exceptional job of communicating a message of acceptance of differences to our students in kindergarten through fifth grade. The performance ended with the charactersContinue reading “Repairing the World”